Disk scan stops at 27% after using TuneUp Utilities

When you Check hard disk for errors  or run AVG Disk Doctor in TuneUp Utilities and choose the option Thorough analysis, your computer will be restarted and the analysis (disk check) will run during the computer startup.

In some cases, the disk check may appear unresponsive for extensive period of time, typically at the 27% mark. In such case, please allow up to 1 hour for the scan to finish, and do not shut down or restart your computer.

In case you want to disable the disk check after it was enabled:
  1. Restart your computer (only if the computer is unresponsive during the startup computer scan). There is a 1 second prompt to skip the disk check before it is started. Press the SPACE key repeatedly during the computer bootup to make sure you skip the disk check.
  2. Download the following tool:
    CheckDisk mod
  3. Run the downloaded tool, and then click Continue.
  4. Message Work done will be shown shortly. The disk check during computer startup is now disabled.