TuneUp Update Wizard displays the message "The list of available updates could not be retrieved.”

There may be any of a number of reasons why TuneUp Update Wizard cannot detect the list of available updates. The following list tells you the possible causes along with the corresponding means of fixing the problem.

Possible cause 1: You are not connected to the Internet

Before you run the scan for updates, verify that you can surf the Internet. If you cannot surf the Internet, after TuneUp Update Wizard starts and the scan fails, select the connection type Establish manual connection (with specially selected software) and click on Next. Connect to the Internet as you usually do and then follow the instructions given to you by TuneUp Update Wizard.

Possible cause 2: A firewall is blocking the connection

If you use a so-called personal firewall that allows you to grant or deny each individual program permission to establish a connection to the Internet, check the settings for this firewall and grant permission for all outgoing connections from TuneUp Update Wizard.

To check whether the problem really is associated with your firewall, you can temporarily deactivate the firewall while you scan for updates. However, you should immediately reactivate the firewall after this test if you are not fully protected from incoming connections by a network router or another firewall. So many viruses and worms are traveling around the Internet that within a few minutes on the Internet without protection, your computer may suffer damage.

Possible cause 3: The selected proxy settings are not correct

If you must access web pages via a proxy server, but do not have it listed in the TuneUp Update Wizard, TuneUp Update Wizard may be unable to establish any connection to our server to detect the list of available updates. Please take the following steps to correct this problem:

  • On the Start page of TuneUp Update Wizard, click on the Proxy Settings button.
  • If you can surf with Internet Explorer without a problem, select the option Use Internet Explorer proxy settings.
  • If this option has already been selected but the detection of available updates is still not working, you may have to determine the proxy settings manually. Select the option Determine proxy settings for TuneUp Update Wizard manually and type the address and port of your HTTP proxy into the corresponding field.

If none of the listed suggestions works, try again a little later. It is possible that the list of updates is being updated at the moment.