How often can I use my license?

Obtaining a license for TuneUp Utilities allows you to use TuneUp Utilities on one single computer (either a server, desktop, notebook, or netbook). It doesn't matter how many users there are on this computer.
If you reinstall Windows on your system, you are allowed to reinstall TuneUp Utilities on this computer, too.

If you have acquired a new computer and are no longer using your old system, uninstall TuneUp Utilities from the old system. In this way, you may install TuneUp Utilities at no additional charge on your new system using the TuneUp Utilities license that you already have.

Licenses that you are no longer using may be sold privately or given away if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • This must be a full version of TuneUp Utilities, not an upgrade version. An upgrade is a license extension – not a standalone license. Neither the extension nor the license itself may be sold individually.
  • The license does not come from a package containing several licenses that you purchased.