How to install updates for TuneUp Utilities

To make installing updates as easy as possible, TuneUp Utilities includes the module TuneUp UpdateWizard. This module automatically looks for a newer version of TuneUp Utilities in the Internet, then downloads and installs any available updates. The downloaded updates are also very small and can be downloaded quickly.

We recommend that you run TuneUp UpdateWizard regularly to make sure that you always have the latest version of TuneUp Utilities.

TuneUp UpdateWizard starten

Starting TuneUp UpdateWizard

Start by opening the TuneUp Utilities Start Center. TuneUp UpdateWizard is located in the dark gray area at the top edge of the Start Center, directly below the blue title bar (see the red outline in the figure on the right).

In the Start Center, click on the text UpdateWizard to start the module.

Using TuneUp UpdateWizard

During the first step, TuneUp UpdateWizard will ask you about the type of Internet connection you use. In general, the correct connection will be automatically recognized by the program and selected automatically. If you have multiple Internet connections configured on your system or connect to the Internet over a network, you should check the selection and (if necessary) click on the correct connection type. As soon as you have made your selection, you can start the search for updates by clicking on Next.

Installing updates

TuneUp UpdateWizard will then connect to the Internet and look for new product updates. This may take a few seconds. If updates are available, these will be shown in a brief summary. Click Next to automatically download and install the available updates. After completing the installation, click on Finish to close TuneUp UpdateWizard.

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