Can I shred files that can be restored by TuneUp Undelete?

Unfortunately, files that have already been deleted using the normal Windows delete cannot be shredded afterwards. To be on the safe side, always delete confidential files with TuneUp Shredder!

Restoring the file with TuneUp Undelete and then shredding the file will not help the situation - the file will still be located in TuneUp Undelete after this procedure. This is a technical issue and is due to the way in which TuneUp Undelete works:

If you restore a deleted file found by TuneUp Undelete, the data in the deleted original file are read and then written to a new file. The file marked “available” is not the original file. This means that a copy of the deleted original file is created. This issue is due to the software technology that is used and can, unfortunately, not be changed.

If you delete this copy of the original file with TuneUp Shredder, the original file will still be available in TuneUp Undelete. The shredded copy and its filename will have been securely deleted, but you have only deleted a copy, not the original.

Potential solution:

Defragment your hard drive. During defragmentation, files on your hard drive will be moved from location to location without taking deleted files into account. This will most likely cause the drive space on which the deleted files are located to be overwritten.