Previously rectified problems will be displayed when performing a new check.

After checking of the registry databank by means of the TuneUp Registry Cleaner or the 1-Click-Maintenance, problems which TuneUp Utilities have removed can be shown. Directly folllowing this it is possible that certain programs - especially security and antivirus programs as well as firewalls - will notice such a modification and will then revert back to their previous state.

Therefore the entries will appear once more.

During checking of entries newer programs may revert to their original behaviour. In our experience this can generally be solved by means of free updates. This will cause no noticeable impairment of the functionality of your system.

During future checks the displaying of such entries can be ignored.

Run TuneUp Registry Cleaner. Click then on "show details". Open the group with the indicated problem and mark this problem. With the right-click on your mouse, open the context menu, in which you have the possiblity to choose "ignore mistake".