Windows® Vista logon screens

You can install the following Windows® Vista logon screens with the help of TuneUp Styler. TuneUp Styler is included in the current version of TuneUp Utilities.

Clicking on the categories listed below brings up various Windows® Vista logon screens. Click on an image to see an enlarged preview. Clicking on "Download" downloads the file you can then display the Windows® Vista logon screens in TuneUp Styler.

 If TuneUp Styler is not launched automatically, start TuneUp Utilities manually and open the "Customize Windows" category. Now click on "Logon screen" on the right. Then click on "Add" and then on "Load logon screen from file ...". You can now select one of the logon screens for Windows® Vista you have downloaded. 

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More Windows® Vista logon screens

In addition to its own TLS format TuneUp Styler supports the format of LogonStudio (LogonXP) and the widely used Windows® Vista logon screens that appear as Logonui.exe. You therefore will be able to use most Windows® Vista logon screens available on the Internet with TuneUp Styler without encountering any problems.

Why replacing Logonui.exe is dangerous

The popular Logonui.exe format can be very dangerous if used improperly. After all, Windows® Vista logon screens in this format involve an .exe file, i.e. an executable file by an author whom you have never seen in your life. If you were to receive an e-mail with an executable attachment from the same person, as a user concerned with security issues you would never open the attachment.

The conventional method for installing a new Windows® Vista logon screen is the simple exchange of the standard logonui.exe by a new logonui.exe - requiring either a great deal of effort manually or with the help of corresponding software. As soon as the Windows® Vista logon screen is to be shown, Windows® Vista automatically starts the new Logonui.exe, which is not native to Windows® Vista. If you are lucky, the new Logonui.exe works as you expect it to without any negative side-effects. You could also be unlucky if there is a hidden virus in the file.

In contrast to replacing the Logonui.exe in the conventional manner, you do not risk getting a virus with TuneUp Styler. TuneUp Styler does not simply copy the new Logonui.exe, but it also uses only the images it comes with in order to change the Windows® Vista logon screen according to your wishes. In this way it is never necessary to start an external .exe file for displaying the Windows® Vista logon screens.