Themes and visual styles for Windows® 7

Bored with the pre-installed Windows® themes? Try some new ones! You can install the following visual styles and themes on Windows® 7 with the help of TuneUp Styler. TuneUp Styler is included in the current version of TuneUp Utilities.

Click on one of the visual styles for Windows® 7 listed below to see an enlarged preview. Clicking on "Download" downloads the file you can then display it in TuneUp Styler.

If TuneUp Styler is not launched automatically, you can start it manually by switching to the category "Customize Windows" in TuneUp Utilities and clicking on the link "Visual style" on the right. Now click on "Boot screens" in the "System Startup" category . Then click on "Add" and then on "Load visual style from a file ..." You can now select one of the Windows® 7 visual styles you have downloaded.  

Select a visual style for Windows® 7: