• TuneUp Uninstall Manager

    Get rid of old, unnecessary programs!

    • Shows which programs you haven’t used in ages
    • Displays programs that consume a lot of disk space
    • Boosts PC speed with each uninstalled program


TuneUp Uninstall Manager

Uninstall unnecessary or outdated software

Symptoms: Your PC is running out of disk space and performance is exceptionally low.

Cause: Your desktop or laptop has too many programs installed that you haven’t used in ages and that do nothing but waste disk space and precious PC resources. These disk space and performance hogs should be removed.

Solution: Every so often, take a few minutes to get rid of unused programs with TuneUp Uninstaller. Its filters allow you to find large, recently installed and rarely used programs with just a click. You’ll easily be able to spot programs that just sit on your PC and eat up gigabytes of your precious disk space or, even worse, slow down games or your work.

Additionally, TuneUp Uninstaller helps you identify programs that you never heard of thanks to its nifty rating system and an integrated online search.

It’s time to get rid of disk and resource hogs you don’t need anymore. TuneUp Utilities 2014 is the key to a lean and clean system: