• TuneUp Program Deactivator

    The world’s first fully automatic PC energizer

    • Optimizes PC and Windows® performance
    • Reduces slowdowns caused by unnecessary programs
    • Combining Program Deactivator and Live Optimization 2.0 ensures better performance


  • TuneUp Program Deactivator

  • TuneUp Program Deactivator

Deactivate Programs Automatically

Symptoms: Over time, your PC gradually loses both performance and stability. Windows® needs more time to boot, there are significant delays when working with applications and more resource-hungry tasks (such as video conversion) need unusually long.

Cause: Studies show that 50% of all users have approximately 66 programs installed on their PCs, even though they only use a fraction of them regularly. What many don’t know, however, is that programs continue to run in the background whether they are used or not, slowing your computer down considerably for no good reason.

Solution: TuneUp Utilities 2014 sports the best solution for this program, without you having to uninstall programs or sacrifice anything! TuneUp Program Deactivator turns off programs by pausing their background activity when they’re not actively running.

TuneUp Program Deactivator™ works as follows:

  • Disables programs including all resource-hungry components
  • Re-enables programs on demand so users can continue using them
  • Turns programs off, once users don’t need them anymore 
  • TuneUp Program Deactivator is fully integrated into Live Optimization 2.0 – it allows you to turn off resource hogs easier than before

The Full Automatic Mode in TuneUp Program Deactivator eliminates these unnecessary slowdowns and makes sure your PC always operates at its peak performance. But relevant programs such as antivirus software or drivers will not be deactivated. No matter if you’re running 50, 100 or more programs on your PC, TuneUp Program Deactivator will make sure that your Windows® runs as good as new!

Are programs slowing down your PC to a crawl? Do you want to boost PC performance drastically? Then use TuneUp Program Deactivator to pause all background activity and resource usage of your programs – without sacrificing them! Click here and experience it live: 

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