• TuneUp Economy Mode

    Longer battery life and improved power efficiency

    • Improves battery life on laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs
    • Reduces power consumption  
    • Increases your computer’s lifespan


TuneUp Economy Mode

More Battery Life. Less Power Consumption.

Symptoms: Your laptop battery keeps dying far too quickly and your desktop uses up way too much power.

The cause:  Neither your PC or laptop nor Windows® are really set up to give you the best-possible battery life or power efficiency. Even when you enable all power saving options, your hardware keeps consuming more power than it really should. 

The solution: TuneUp Utilities 2014 puts an end to these problems with TuneUp Economy Mode which prolongs the battery life on your laptop, netbook, and tablet PC. It’s like upgrading your laptops battery for a fraction of the cost. 

The results speak for themselves! TuneUp Economy Mode guarantees significantly improved battery life and power consumption. So what’s behind the magic?

  • Reduced processor power consumption: TuneUp Economy Mode reduces your processors’ performance and optimizes their power consumption for maximum battery life and sufficient power for basic, everyday use.
  • Great power savings for your devices: TuneUp Economy Mode reduces the power consumption of many built-in and connected devices.
  • Turn off energy-sapping programs: TuneUp Economy Mode switches off unnecessary background processes that slow PC performance down.

TuneUp Economy Mode increases your PC’s mobility and saves you money by reducing its energy consumption.

Does your laptop battery keep dying just before the end credits of your favorite movie? Is your desktop part of a higher power bill? Then use TuneUp Economy Mode to boost your PCs and laptops power efficiency by up to 30%.

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