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The Recipe for a Clean PC

Symptoms: Your hard disk is clogged up by redundant data crud, you’re running out of free space for your important personal data and even your brand-new PC runs like it’s years old.

Cause: Windows® and your programs constantly save log files, “Most Recently Used“ lists and temporary data on your hard disk – but “forget” to delete them. Over time, that leads to critical disk space issues and problems with you applications.

Solution: That’s the perfect job for our improved Disk Cleaner. Now, TuneUp Utilities 2014 removes system clutter from more than 150 popular PC programs in just a few clicks – including iTunes® and Windows® 8 apps. And thanks to our new Automatic Cleaning Updates this list of apps is ever-growing

Improved Disk Cleaner gets rid of system clutter and temporary files left over by Windows® and 3rd party software, including:

  • NEW! Adobe® Photoshop® CS6
  • NEW! Adobe® Lightroom®
  • NEW! Nero™ 12
  • NEW! iTunes®
  • NEW! CyberLink Power DVD™
  • NEW! ACDSee™ 15

And here’s some of the files types that we clean:


Type of temporary data


Crash reports (“Memory dump”)

Windows® produces memory dumps containing relevant analytical information every time your PC crashes.

Windows® error reports

Windows® generates a report whenever a program crashes that contains information regarding the nature of the crash.

Lost clusters

Disk repair utilities (such as Microsoft®’s very own Chkdsk) detect bad clusters and try to restore the damaged data. This recovery data is being saved as new files on your hard disk. Unfortunately, in most cases, these files do not contain usable data as the original information could often-times not be restored.

Installer files

Just by installing programs, they leave behind a lot of temporary files that clog up your hard disk. Disk Cleaner cleans up Microsoft Installer (MSI) leftovers safely and reliably.


Temporary files that are left on your disk by programs and Windows®. This includes, for example, the font cache used by Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF) programs and the bitmap cache of the remote desktop application.

Log files

Windows® and 3rd party programs often use protocols to record their operation which clog up your hard disk.

Temporary system files

Windows® and various other programs create temporary files to cache their current operations. These files can contain personal information which might not get deleted once that operation is done.

Old backups

This includes restore points and Windows® Updates.


Temporary thumb files created and displayed by Windows®-explorer.

“Recently used files” lists

Many programs, including Windows® create lists of files you recently opened. And while that’s quite convenient, it’s also a privacy risk. If you want, TuneUp Disk Cleaner cleans this once and for all. 

Experience the new cleaning power of TuneUp Utilities 2014! Click here to download the 15-day trial and get rid of gigabytes and thousands of temporary files – once and for all:

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