• Rating Function for Programs

    User ratings help make the best optimization choice

    • Helps you make the best tuning decisions for your PC
    • Is easy to understand thanks to the star rating system
    • Evaluates programs based on the experience of others


  • Program rating
  • Program rating

All for one, one for all: get help from other TuneUp users

Problem: To optimize your PC to the fullest, you’ll need to turn off programs or startup entries. Unfortunately, even the most seasoned IT expert can have trouble identifying which programs are necessary and which are not.

Cause: A lot of programs or startup entries use cryptic names, which makes it hard for you to decide whether they’re really necessary or not.

Solution: That’s why the rating feature of TuneUp Utilities 2014 keeps things simple by showing which programs the user feels is useful (5 stars) or not necessary at all (1 star).

Program ratings also automatically appear in TuneUp StartUp Manager, TuneUp Uninstall Manager, and TuneUp Program Deactivator.

That’s what we call transparency: From now on, you’ll have a better understanding of programs you may or may not need. All thanks to the great TuneUp community! Try out the all-new TuneUp Utilities 2014 today and see for yourself: