• TuneUp Performance Optimizer

    Effective recommendations for increased PC performance

    • Shows all performance recommendations for your PC
    • Details specific optimization steps
    • Offers results based on your personal profile


Performance recommendations by TuneUp

Problems: Your internet connection is slow, your browser shows too many ads and your computer is still slow – despite all the various optimization steps you performed!

Cause: Incorrect settings and a plethora of unnecessary programs or Windows® features are slowing down your computer!

Solution: The "Increase Performance" category of TuneUp Utilities 2014’s start page reveals problems and optimization steps instantly. And if there’s anything wrong with your system, you can solve it with just a few clicks. 

More so, TuneUp Utilities 2014 never confines itself solely to Windows® settings to maximize PC performance. It also detects:

  • Incorrect performance settings
  • Incorrect internet settings
  • Hardware-related problems
  • Resource-eating features
  • Rarely used or needed programs
  • Unnecessary Windows® effects and animations

The user has complete control, and each recommendation can be immediately hidden or accepted. Of course, no two users are the same. That’s why a personal profile is created when the feature is run for the first time. A few specifics about how you use your PC and what kind of Internet connection you have will help TuneUp Utilities give you the most effective customised recommendations.

Do you want to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your desktop or laptop? Then TuneUp Performance Optimizer is your choice. You’ll learn how to optimize internet connection settings, Windows® search and visual effects with just a few clicks. Try it out now:

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