• TuneUp Disk Space Explorer

    Tracks down those greedy resource-hungry applications

    • Detects large files on your hard disk you may not need anymore
    • Identifies the type of data that’s taking up the most disk space
    • Helps you create a new, optimized structure


  • TuneUp Disk Space Explorer
  • TuneUp Disk Space Explorer

Find large files and folders with TuneUp Disk Space Explorer

Symptoms: Your hard disk is running out of available space and there’s pure chaos in your file system.

Cause: There may be a lot of large, hidden files on your hard disks such as previously watched TV shows, backups and old video clips.

Solution: TuneUp Disk Space Explorer helps you identify which files and folder take up the most space on your hard disk. You’ll unearth files that you’ve probably forgotten about or never even knew of. TuneUp Disk Space Explorer analyzes both internal and external hard drives and returns a graphical overview detailing what type of data is taking up the most disk space, such as:

  • High-resolution photos or RAW photo footage
  • Downloaded shows and movies
  • Apps and smartphone backup files which are automatically created during PC to smartphone synchronization
  • Game data such as texture, sound, and map files
  • Virtual machines and virtual hard disks
  • ISO files

Hunting down these files is an incredibly difficult and time-consuming task. With TuneUp Utilities 2014, users can easily locate such massive data in no time. TuneUp Disk Space Explorer lists the hundred largest files on your hard drive, allowing you to go through them quickly and delete whatever you no longer need. You can also use TuneUp Shredder which removes the data from your system once and for all.

Is your PC running out of disk space? You want to bring order into the file chaos on your hard disk? TuneUp Disk Space Explorer makes it easier than ever before. Click here to try it out:

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