• TuneUp Repair Wizard

    Instant fixes for your PC

    • Fixes vulnerabilities, problems, and incorrect PC settings
    • Solves most problems with just one click
    • Improves overall security, stability, privacy, and performance


  • TuneUp Repair Wizard
  • TuneUp Repair Wizard

"Fix Problems" (Wizard)

TuneUp Utilities 2014 performs approximately 200 checks on drivers, Windows® settings, security, privacy, hard drive space, and Windows® Update, and automatically displays the results in the Start Center. Solutions are just a click away, including remote access vulnerabilities or a drive that was never checked for errors. Loss of data, security vulnerabilities, and incorrect settings are also completely eliminated in just a few easy steps. Here are just a few examples of problems that TuneUp Utilities is capable of fixing in seconds:

  • Administrative Shares: Administrative shares allow network access to all drives connected to your computer. Even though the shared drives are not visible in the network environment, they can still be accessed by simply entering <drive letter="">$ (for example, "C$") into the address bar.</drive>
  • Missing master password in Mozilla Firefox®: The master password for Firefox protects sensitive information such as stored passwords and certificates. As soon as a stored password is needed during a Firefox session, you will be initially asked to enter the master password which then activates all other stored information needed for that session.
  • A system drive that’s never been checked for errors: TuneUp Utilities detects whether your critical system drive has been checked for errors or not.

TuneUp Repair Wizard

Can’t install your Windows® Updates? Have all your desktop icons disappeared? TuneUp Repair Wizard fixes some of the worst problems in Windows® 8, Windows® 7 and Windows® XP, including Windows Update problems, incorrect file associations, and errors that occur during program installations. It also spares you from having to make potentially dangerous edits to system files or your Windows® registry.

Is your PC suffering from annoying problems? Is Windows® not set up correctly? Then avoid tinkering with critical settings or the registry and use both our TuneUp Repair Wizard and “Fix Problems” features to get rid of problems instantly:

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