• TuneUp Shredder

    Delete sensitive data once and for all

    • Erases sensitive files safely and completely
    • Offers three thorough delete algorithms
    • Protects a user’s privacy and sensitive data


TuneUp Shredder

TuneUp Shredder wipes sensitive data

Symptoms: Simply deleting a file doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually deleted. Even formatting a drive doesn’t actually destroy all those bits and bytes.

Cause: In both cases, the file system simply deletes the internal “shortcuts” to such files and leaves the actual data on disk - at least until it gets overwritten by new data. Which means anyone with basic recovery tools and access to your PC is able to restore such files.

Solution: That’s why TuneUp Utilities 2014 contains the data wiping tool TuneUp Shredder. It destroys data by using standardized procedures and several methods of deletion that guarantee the data can never be recovered: 

  • Fast delete: Data is completely overwritten with single characters.
  • Secure delete in accordance with U.S. government guideline: Files are overwritten multiple times with specific data patterns before deletion (standard procedure of the U.S. Department of Defense)
  • Secure delete in accordance with the Gutmann method: The data to be deleted is overwritten in 35 stages with random characters which is deleted again afterwards.

Do you want to destroy sensitive information and want to make sure it can never be recovered? Then don’t use Windows® built- in deletion mechanism and the recycle bin. Use TuneUp Shredder instead! Try it out now:

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