• TuneUp Disk Doctor

    Check hard disk for errors

    • Detects and fixes hard disk errors
    • Locates and repairs files that are missing or damaged 
    • Prevents data loss


TuneUp Disk Doctor

Uncompromised hard disk reliability and security

Symptoms: Your PC is having startup problems, critical files have suddenly gone missing and some data appears to be damaged.

Cause: Hardware defects, power outages and other problems could lead to file system errors which, in turn, lead to reliability issues and problems accessing files.

Solution: TuneUp Disk Doctor, part of TuneUp Utilities 2014, solves this problem by thoroughly checking the following file system areas:

  • Disk sectors: All sectors containing data are checked and corrected if any  errors are found. If problems are found, TuneUp Disk Doctor tries to recover the data and marks defective sectors as “Bad”, which effectively prevents data from spreading to these areas in the future.  
  • Free space: All sectors not containing data are checked and corrected, which may prevent the writing of files. 
  • File and folder structure: Both file and folder content and structure are checked.
  • Indexes: Corrupt file or folder pointers are checked and relinked if necessary. This helps in cases where files and folders are no longer visible in Windows® Explorer.
  • Security descriptors: Damaged NTFS security descriptors, which may allow unauthorised access or even prevent access to files and folders, are checked and corrected.

Prevent data loss and reliability issues today! Use TuneUp Disk Doctor to scan your hard disk for potential file system errors and fix them instantly. Try it out now:

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