• TuneUp StartUp Optimizer

    Clearing Windows® boot traffic jams

    • Reduces boot and shutdown times drastically
    • Shows which programs negatively affect startup
    • Optimizes weak system and program settings


TuneUp StartUp Optimizer

Stop waiting for Windows®

Symptoms: Windows® takes unusually long to start and you’ll encounter unusual delays when working or gaming at your PC.

Cause: Invalid settings, unnecessary services and superfluous background tasks delay the Windows® boot-up process.

Solution:  TuneUp StartUp Optimizer jump starts your PC by identifying unnecessary startup programs and services, as well as incorrect system settings. Follow the recommendations of this useful tool of TuneUp Utilities 2014 and eliminate any process or setting that clogs up your Windows® boot or shutdown speeds. 

With TuneUp Startup Optimizer you don't need to wait for Windows® anymore. You can instantly use your computer after switching it on.

Don’t want to wait for Windows® anymore to start working? Need to free up even more resources on your PC? Then it’s time to give TuneUp StartUp Optimizer a spin and turn off unnecessary boot activity once and for all. Click here to try it out now:

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