• TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance
    & Automatic Maintenance

    Perfect care. Fully automated.

    • Increases PC performance and reliability
    • Makes maintenance even more powerful thanks to Disk Cleaner and Browser Cleaner
    • Works manually (1-Click Maintenance) or automatically in the background


  • 1-Click Maintenance & Automatic Maintenance
  • 1-Click Maintenance & Automatic Maintenance

Clean Windows® with a Single Click

Symptoms: Your PC is getting slower and slower, startup time takes ages and your hard disk is chock-full of unnecessary files.

Cause: Neither Windows® nor many of your programs are capable of cleaning out their data junk, optimize their startup and fix problems effectively. Over time, this leads to a loss in performance and reliability.

Solution: Let TuneUp Utilities 2014 do the job. Our maintenance features eliminate system-hogging data clutter and prevents the typical "Windows slowdown" effect. You can choose from two great maintenance tools: 1-Click-Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance. 

1-Click-Maintenance optimizes your PC at the click of a button. Want to clean up your PC before you shut down your PC? Just hit the button! On the other hand, Automatic Maintenance runs on a schedule and optimizes your PC regularly and only when you’re not working with the PC. Both features optimize the following core areas of your PC:

  • Clean registry: Solves registry problems and deletes dead keys or values such as startup entries that a 3rd party application forgot to delete, which could lead to problems during startup. It also gets rid of invalid file type pointers and orphaned entries within the list of installed applications which could lead to problems when installing or uninstalling applications. With our 2014 version, the registry is being cleaned up even faster than before.
  • Defragment registry: TuneUp Registry Defrag performs complete registry restructuring and gets rid of all gaps. This leads to fewer problems when accessing the database, as well as an improvement in overall performance.
  • Remove broken shortcuts: Checks and deletes dead shortcuts found inside users Start Menu, desktop, quick launch toolbar, history lists, and 3rd party applications.
  • Delete temporary files: TuneUp Utilities 2014 searches for a wide array of temporary files and leftovers from Windows® applications, such as temporary Internet files, data inside Windows’® own temp folder, and temporary user account data. And thanks to the power of TuneUp Disk Cleaner, our maintenance features now clean up junk from over 150 programs.
  • Optimize startup and shutdown: TuneUp Utilities 2014 stops the startup of applications that are not needed immediately upon system startup.
  • Defragment hard disk: TuneUp Drive Defrag optimizes your file system and moves oft-used files to the hard disk’s faster inner sectors for reduced access times. TuneUp Drive Defrag even detects Solid State Disks (SSDs) and helps users prevent unnecessary and potentially harmful defragmentation. Defragmentation will not be performed automatically on SSD drives during Automatic Maintenance and 1-Click Maintenance.

It’s easy to see that even the most advanced Windows® experts would find these tasks impossible to perform. Which is why TuneUp Utilities 2014 takes care of all of these critical system areas on a regularly scheduled basis. And it also makes sure it doesn't interrupt your workflow or operate while your laptop runs on its battery.

Are you ready to clean up, optimize and troubleshoot your PC with just one click? Or even fully automatic using our enhanced Automatic Maintenance? Try it out today:

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