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AVG Technologies Launches 2015 Products

AVG® Technologies N.V. (NYSE: AVG), the online security company™ for 182 million active users, today announced the availability of its 2015 portfolio of protection, performance and privacy products. This includes the new all-in-one AVG Protection and AVG Performance suites for PCs, Android devices and Apple devices, and AVG Ultimate, which includes both protection and performance suites in a single package […]

TuneUp Shows Windows 7 Users How to Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that creating a new folder or jumping to the browser address bar could be as simple as hitting CTRL+N or ALT+D on your keyboard? Experts use keyboard shortcuts to perform typical PC tasks quickly, and now readers can too thanks to TuneUp’s recent blog post. TuneUp highlights 35 keyboard shortcuts to help PC users seamlessly switch between software, move windows around, access hidden features and cycle through taskbar items—and streamline their everyday computing. […]

How to Set Up Multiple Copies of Windows 7 Using Virtual Hard Disks

If you use your Windows 7 PC for several purposes, such as gaming, working and watching movies, you are likely wasting a lot of PC performance. Instead of having a laser-sharp focus on one task, your PC distributes performance across all tasks. One easy way to maximize PC performance for specific tasks is to set up several copies of the operating system on one machine using the built-in Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) boot feature. This will allow you to run one specific task on a dedicated, slim version of Windows 7, to optimize system performance. For example, you can set up one Windows copy just for gaming or one for your business applications. When you’re gaming, no other background tasks will disrupt or slow down your gameplay. […]


7 Solid Tips for Optimizing PC Gaming Performance

Gameplay on Windows PCs can be choppy and frustrating. Without proper PC maintenance, your games will suffer from slow load times, lag, crashing and a host of other performance issues. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce bottlenecks, make your Windows games run noticeably faster and take your gaming experience to the “next level”. The following seven tips help users fully optimize their PCs and make gaming smoother than ever before. […]

TuneUp Takes PC Users Behind The Scenes of Its Power-Saving Economy Mode

Even more important than raw processing power, for many PC and especially laptop users, is battery life and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, both the operating system and installed third-party software are often negatively affecting power consumption. In short, laptops don’t last as long as they could and desktop PCs consume more power than necessary. The TuneUp Economy Mode, which promises up to 30 percent more battery life, is designed to help PC users overcome this issue. By effectively throttling power consumption of CPUs, built-in and connected devices and turning off energy-sapping programs, TuneUp Economy Mode saves electricity and increases battery life at the push of a button. But how does it really work? In two recent blog posts, TuneUp gives readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into its newest tuning feature and highlights the battery life and power savings you can expect when using it. […]