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  • First-rate optimization software for Windows® operating systems
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who we are

TuneUp is one of the leading suppliers of Windows utilities software worldwide. Founded in 1997, the company offers extremely user-friendly and top-quality products that have been ranked among the best in tests by the international trade press for over 14 years. 

Our software receives the best rating in software tests as well as excellent press recommendations on a regular basis. To find out more about the awards TuneUp Utilities has won, please visit the following page: 

TuneUp Utilities is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Chinese language versions. TuneUp products are distributed worldwide via ESD (Electronic Software Distribution). In addition, distributors supply retail markets.  

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What does the TuneUp Reseller Program offer?

We offer promotions, programs for promoting sales, individual and personal support, sales and marketing materials, 24/7 online ordering as well as a first-rate product range and high customer satisfaction rate. 

You will receive comprehensive information about your options as a TuneUp reseller. Visit our Reseller Center and find out about the different types of programs, licensing options and promotions we offer. Stay up to date with our reseller news and grow your sales by using our advertising materials.  

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Why should I become a TuneUp reseller?

As a TuneUp reseller, you will receive personal access to our Reseller Center where you can purchase our products directly. 

You will receive the TuneUp Certificate Logo to identify your business as an authorized TuneUp reseller which along with other materials, can be used as a trust-building measure for communication with your customers and can also help you reach your business targets and increase sales in the long term.  

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How can I become a TuneUp reseller?

Becoming a TuneUp reseller is easy. All we need is a copy of your business license and for you to register as a reseller. After registering, the information you provide will be checked. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from your personal account manager activating your reseller account. You will also receive your personal login details for the Reseller Center as well as other relevant information about our Reseller Program. 

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Where can I register to become a TuneUp reseller? 

If you hold a business license, you can register as a TuneUp reseller here. Please send a copy of your business license along with your registration to reseller(at)

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What happens after I have successfully registered? What type of support is available?

You will receive your personal login data via e-mail, giving you access to our Reseller Center where you can order TuneUp products around the clock. You will also receive the TuneUp reseller logo, and additional information about the marketing materials as well as contact information for your account manager. Your personal account manager will be more than happy to assist you in selling our products. 

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Where can I order TuneUp products (ESD)?

You can order them in our Reseller Center. We recommend saving the link as a favorite in your browser, so you can place your orders directly. 

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How are the TuneUp products delivered?

You will receive your TuneUp products electronically via ESD (Electronic Software Distribution). You will receive an e-mail containing a download link to the digital version of the software along with the appropriate number of product keys for the order. 

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Which reseller products can I purchase?

As a TuneUp reseller you have the option of ordering the following TuneUp Utilities licenses and distributing the software to your customers using ESD (Electronic Software Distribution). 

TuneUp Utilities single-user licenses: You will receive a list of product keys that you can provide to your customers individually and independent of each other. This product is ideal, for example, if you want to serve different end customers with individual PCs. The available licensing options are for 1 PC and 3 PCs.  Each license may only be resold once. 

We also offer multi-pack user license for up to 5 PCs and up to 10 PCS (available with the Business Edition). This product is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses. 

TuneUp Utilities Volume License: For each volume license you receive a single product key that is valid for the number of installations ordered. A certificate with the name of your customer is generated and sent to you via e-mail. Use this product if a customer wants to use TuneUp Utilities on several PCs. 

Each of the licensing options described above (single-user licenses, multi-pack licenses, and volume licenses) is intended for home or office use and may only be resold once. 

Visit our Reseller Center, for further information about our offers and products.  

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Which purchase prices apply to the TuneUp reseller products?

A flexible discount system on the recommended retail price for each product is available and is determined based on the product and number of licenses purchased. You can view the prices in the password-protected Reseller Center area. 

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How can I purchase products from TuneUp?

Login as a TuneUp reseller with your personal login data in our Reseller Center. Select the number of product keys you wish to purchase. Complete your purchase. The individual price per license and the entire amount are automatically totaled. Once you have completed your order, you will receive a list with the number of product keys ordered.   

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How can I sell TuneUp products to my customers?

As a TuneUp reseller, you can offer our products for sale through your online shop, via e-mail, or direct sales. 

Once an order is placed, you send your customers a download link to the software installation file along with the corresponding product key from the product key list you purchased. The product key can be sent via e-mail either automatically or manually depending on the shop system used. 

Please note that each product key may only be assigned once to prevent product activation from failing.  

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How can my customers purchase from me in my shop?

Once the order has been placed, the customer receives a download link to the software installation file and the corresponding product key from you. Once TuneUp Utilities has been downloaded and installed, your customers will be asked to enter the product key to activate the software, thereby enabling them to use all the features in their entirety.  

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What types of sales models (ESD) are there?

Our licenses are perfect for resale as a stand-alone product, in a bundle pack with other non-tuning software, in a bundle with hardware, or as an added-value product to your services.

Just order in advance and you will get a practical product key list. No minimum order quantities required. 

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What service and support options are offered to TuneUp resellers?

Your personal account manager is available to assist you and advise you on reaching your sales targets. Just contact them via e-mail

You will also receive the informative TuneUp Reseller Newsletter regularly which keeps you up to date on product updates, sales promotions and incentives, as well as new advertising material.  

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What are the support options available to end customers?

If your customers have problems with our products, our end customer support is available. Your customers can find immediate answers to all frequently asked questions on our products and contact information for the appropriate contact person in our Support Area which is available around the clock.  

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