• TuneUp Turbo Mode

    Say goodbye to resource-hungry applications

    • Unlocks hidden performance for Windows®, applications, and games
    • Turns off over 70 invisible resource-hungry applications on your PC
    • Enables significantly smoother work flow and gameplay


  • TuneUp Turbo Mode
  • TuneUp Turbo Mode

Better Performance with One Click

Symptoms:  Windows® doesn’t run as snappy as it could and your programs are “running out of steam” quickly – you need more power for your games, the web or multimedia applications! 

Cause: Windows® keeps on running dozens of features, services, processes and scheduled tasks running in the background that you really don’t need. Unfortunately, they’re still in the habit of consuming way too much CPU power and RAM resources, which has a negative impact on performance.

Solution: Our Turbo Mode of TuneUp Utilities 2014 turns off more than 70 invisible features in Windows® 8, Windows® 7, and Windows® XP to boost PC performance. It’s simply the best tool out there for serious users who need above-average performance when designing, video editing, gaming, or programming.

Turbo Mode shuts down all non-essential Windows® services such as Media Player sharing, pen recognition, or remote assistance processes to give you the fastest PC performance possible.

Want to know what’s slowing your PC down? Simply check out the Turbo Mode wizard that lets you choose which of your 70 features you need and which are simply wasting precious resources. Click here to try it out today:

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