• TuneUp System Information

    Take a peek inside your PC

    • Enables you to learn about your PC’s internal components
    • Details all PC resources 
    • Helps locate memory, CPU, and resource-hungry applications easily


Show system information

TuneUp System Information shows hundreds of detailed specs of your PC, laptop, netbook or tablet. And it does so in a better categorised and laid-out interface than Windows® built-in “System Information” which is geared towards IT professionals.

TuneUp Utilities 2014's System Information also informs users on their current hardware and network utilisation, making it the most comprehensive system analyser on the market.

Ready to discover all the facts and specs of your PC? You like to watch over all the resources on your PC? Then try out TuneUp System Information today and learn everything there is to learn about the innards and programs of your machine:

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