• TuneUp StartUp Manager

    Disable startup programs

    • Makes Windows® boot faster than ever before
    • Gets rid of annoying icons and balloon-tips in your taskbar
    • Eliminates constant hard disk and CPU thrashing


TuneUp StartUp Manager

Lightning-fast Windows® boot speeds

Symptoms: Windows® doesn't just take ages to boot, but its overall performance has also decreased noticeably.

Cause: Having too much startup programs running doesn't just slow down the system startup, but also reduces overall performance due to less RAM and CPU resources being available. 

Solution: Startup programs place a heavy burden on your PC's startup time. That's why TuneUp Startup Manager, part of TuneUp Utilities 2014, detects and helps you eliminate unwanted startup programs that use up resources and slow things down to a crawl. 

Thanks to a rating system and thousands of detailed descriptions, you will immediately be able to tell if you need one of these entries in your Windows®’s startup folder. And if you're still running into unknown programs, TuneUp Startup Manager lets you do a quick online search so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Is your PC taking ages to boot? Is performance unbearably slow? Then it's time to boost performance by turning off unnecessary startup programs. 

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