• TuneUp System Control

    Customize Windows® options and behaviors

    • Choose from over 400 Windows® settings
    • Improve usability both in Windows® and 3rd party applications
    • Avoid annoying and risky edits to your Windows® registry


TuneUp System Control - the ultimate all-in-one toolbox

Problem: The most interesting and useful Windows® settings or features are often-times hidden and can only be accessed through the registry – which is both dangerous and complicated. Many users don’t know that there are several great, yet hidden, ways to optimize comfort, visuals and performance of Windows®. 

Solution: Over 400 settings in Windows® and other popular programs can be adjusted quickly and easily using TuneUp Utilities 2014. Many of these settings can’t be found through control panels or option dialogs because they’re well hidden within the Windows® registry or even program files such as.

Three out of 400 examples of how TuneUp System Control tunes your PC:

Outlook tweaks: Time to remove the annoying attachment filter that automatically blocks file types such as .exe, .bat and .vbs files. This usually requires struggling with registry values or installing dedicated tools, but with TuneUp System Control you simply go to the “E-Mail and Chat” section and turn it off.

Increase Privacy: Privacy is more important than ever these days, which is why TuneUp Utilities disk cleaning features offer the most reliable file, history list, and temporary cache wipe capabilities. 

TuneUp System Control steps it up a notch. Under the “Privacy” tab, you can delete history lists, make IE automatically delete your browser cache, and prevent Media Player from “phoning home”.  Even error reports and unwanted connections to Internet time servers can be turned off easily just by clicking a handful of checkboxes, instead of painfully hunting these settings down in the Windows® registry.

Automatic Logon: Do you have to enter a password every time you want to access your account? Not anymore. TuneUp System Control enables you to turn on “Automatic logon” and save a lot of time in the process.

Want 400 options at your fingertips? Then use TuneUp System Control to unleash hidden settings which make your Windows® easier to use, more secure, and faster. Try it out today:

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