Data Privacy Statement

Collection and Use of Data

In connection with the registration of the software or subscription to the newsletter, your personal data is collected and stored by TuneUp Software GmbH with its headquarters in Darmstadt (TuneUp), the German subsidiary of the licensor and operator of the TuneUp websites AVG Netherlands B.V. (AVG).

In submitting your data when you register the software or subscribe to the newsletter, you agree to the collection and storage of your personal data by TuneUp.

In addition to the information that you enter into the form, such as your name and/or e-mail address, etc., the following data is also transmitted during software registration, if it is available or accessible:

  • The TuneUp Utilities version you use, the version number, the language version, the date of the download and installation of TuneUp Utilities and the details of the validity of your license
  • The product key of TuneUp Utilities and the previous version, provided the product you use is installed as an upgrade
  • Your Windows version and the platform, the language of your Windows version, a randomly generated system ID and the country entered for the Windows registration  


Purposes of Data Collection

TuneUp uses the data collected during software registration or subscription to the newsletter for the purposes of market analysis and to send you its newsletters. These newsletters can contain tailored information, for example on TuneUp Utilities, product updates, other products and new offers from the AVG group, as well as special promotions.

At your request, we also use your e-mail address to contact you should you have any support inquiries.

Your IP address is saved in the TuneUp server logs when you submit the completed form.

Please note that the data set we store is updated as soon as you change or add to your details.


Data Privacy

TuneUp uses internationally recognized security and encryption standards to protect your personal data. The data sent as described above is transmitted to the TuneUp server by means of an encrypted connection (SSL) to protect against misuse, manipulation and unauthorized access.

All personal data is stored on servers that are located behind firewalls in secure server rooms.


Data Protection

TuneUp and other companies in the AVG group agree to observe the legal regulations with regard to data protection.


Transmission of Data to Other Companies of the AVG Group with Headquarters in the EU

When you submit your data while registering the software or subscribing to the newsletter, you permit us to pass on your personal data exclusively to the companies of the AVG group domiciled within the EU, or to give the employees of the AVG companies domiciled within the EU access to this data, insofar as this is necessary for the purposes described above.


Canceling E-mail Subscription and Deleting Data

You can cancel your subscription to our e-mail newsletter at any time. A link for this can be found in each of the newsletters we send.

You have the right to request that your personal data be deleted from our systems or blocked at any time.


Questions, Suggestions and Criticism

If you have questions, suggestions, or criticism regarding the rules contained in these data security regulations, send us an e-mail at: privacy(at)